Pelican Lakes Association of Crow Wing County

About Pelican Lakes Association

Our Mission Statement

Pelican Lakes Association of Crow Wing County (PLA) is a dynamic organization committed to preserving the quality of life and the environmental health of the Pelican Lakes through the promotion of environmental stewardship and educational programs. 

Our Activities

Our members share a commitment to preserving the beauty and health of the Pelican Lakes through a variety of actions such as:

  • Monitoring, testing and reporting on water quality in the lakes;
  • Promoting shorelines and watershed practices to protect water quality;
  • Managing existing aquatic invasive species (AIS) infestations and preventing new ones;
  • Coordinating with other associations and government bodies to promote our fisheries;
  • Sharing best practices for a healthy lake environment by our newsletters, web-site and meetings;
  • Seeking grant funds to extend the ability of members to achieve our objectives;
  • Outreach in neighborhoods around the lakes to share information and receive input;
  • Representing our member’s interests locally, regionally, and statewide.

Our Organization

PLA is organized as a non-profit corporation under Minnesota law and is a qualified Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization for tax purposes. We have approximately 500 contributing members (individuals, families and organizations) annually. We are managed by a Board of Directors who appoint Officers to help carry out our programs, with the assistance of many additional volunteers.
Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office – Pelican Lakes Association of Crow Wing County
LINK - Articles of Incorporation
LINK – Bylaws
LINK – Tax Exemption Letter
LINK – List of Directors and Officers
LINK – Contact PLA

Membership Information Dues and Donations

Membership in Pelican Lakes Association of Crow Wing County is open to all people and organizations who share an interest in promoting the mission of our organization. Members are required to pay annual dues of $25 per year. First year dues are waived for first time members. Additional donations are requested and have been a source of great support for our programs. Membership levels are acknowledged annually at the following levels of total dues and donations:

  • Basic Membership: $25
  • Loon Membership: $50
  • Eagle Membership $100
  • Pelican Membership $200 and over

Special donations and memorials, whether general or directed to specific program goals, are always appreciated, applied to programs, and gratefully acknowledged.

Membership Information and Payments

First time members can join PLA by completing the following membership information form (on-line or by printing and returning the attached form). Existing members can provide updates for our membership records with these forms as well. Membership sign-up page

Members can pay dues in these two ways:

Pay on-line using our Pay Pal account.
By check sent to: Pelican Lakes Association, P.O. Box 823, Nisswa, MN 56468

However you choose to pay, your contribution will be recorded and acknowledged to you and in our annual member donation report.

Financial Reports

Pelican Lakes Association has put in place a financial reporting system used to track activities and meet our reporting requirements. Our reporting is done on a calendar year basis. Our annual financial reports from this system can be found at this LINK.

Annual Meetings of Members

Members are invited to an annual meeting each year, which is traditionally held the morning of the last Saturday in June. The agenda for these meetings include updates on recent PLA activities, reports on finances, member question and answer time, and the election of Board members. In addition, each annual meeting features outside speakers on topics of interest to members.

Board of Directors Meetings

Directors of PLA are elected on a rotating basis. The Board of Directors meets several times each year. These meetings have full agendas, and the time and involvement of our directors is critical to the continued success of the programs and special activities of the association. Minutes of past meetings of the Board are found at this LINK.