Pelican Lakes Association of Crow Wing County

About Pelican Lakes

Pelican Lake is the largest lake in Crow Wing County, with a surface area of 8,367 acres. It has 28 miles of shoreline and is five miles long. Big Pelican has a maximum depth of 104 feet, but nearly half of the lake is 15 feet deep or less. There are three public accesses, in addition to the Breezy Point Resort access and on public beach on the south end.

Little Pelican Lake has a surface area of 271 acres and a maximum depth of 34 feet. Early maps of the lakes show Little Pelican as part of the Big Pelican, but the lakes are no longer connected. There is one access to Little Pelican, on County Road 4 south of Breezy Point.

The Minnesota DNR Lakefinder webpages are excellent sources of information about the lakes, the fisheries, water levels, vegetation and much more. These are the LINKS:
Big Pelican #18030800
Little Pelican #18035100

The lakes have a direct watershed are that is relatively small, making the forested areas around the lake very important for preserving water quality and clarity. Big Pelican is one of five lakes designated by the DNR as deserving of special forestry programs to maintain the water quality needed by the tulibee bait fish population that supports our game fish. You can read more about this program at this LINK.

The Pelican Lakes watershed is situated within the Pine River Watershed. You can learn more about the watershed at this LINK. (MPCA site).

Please refer to the PLA Programs tab to learn more about the activities of PLA in monitoring and promoting the fisheries, water quality, forestry and other aspects of the health of the Pelican Lakes.

Also, the AIS Activities tab provides additional information about the presence of invasive species in the lakes, the steps being taken to monitor and manage the impact of these, and to prevent new infestations.

The Links tab provides a set of links to local and state government sites impacting the lakes and the surrounding communities.